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Not sure? Don't know where to start? CareerMap is an easy-to-follow map for finding your unique skills, talents, and strengths. You'll love the practical advice and helpful workbook exercises that take you on a path of life-changing discovery.


Cathy McCafferty-Smith


Cathy was only 15 

. . . when she first knew her life's purpose—to help people find theirs—but she didn't really see it clearly until her thirties. Sometimes that's how life works. Fast forward a few decades, some rocky decisions and some divine appointments, and now Cathy is living her purpose for as long as she can. She is the Leadership Development Consultant at Know-U, LLC, which she founded in 2010 as she led others through finding their purpose amid the economic recession. She has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources organizational development and leadership succession programs within business, nonprofit, and industry. And now, as a "kitchen table coach", Cathy assists people of all ages and walks of life in finding their purpose. She'll help you find yours, too.  


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Emily Gehman, B.S.C., M.A.

. . . didn't have a plan B for her life—which made it awkward when she walked across the college graduation stage to receive a diploma she knew she wouldn't be using. But through a series of divine appointments and a few zig zags, Emily found her lane—and passion—in storytelling. As a Storytelling Coach with counseling and English degrees, Emily specializes in helping first-time authors, business leaders, organizations, and faith communities tell their stories.